Strength and balance

Pilates is a system of physical conditioning involving low impact exercises and stretches, often performed on specialised equipment.
StrengthHQ Classical Pilates

StrengthHQ Classical Pilates Auckland is a fully-equipped dedicated pilates studio and is part of the SHQ group who specialise in training in the health and fitness industry.We’ve been training the trainers since 1989 it’s our specialty and we are the experts!

Our aim is to help you reach your goals…
we help you get there!

Here at Classical Pilates, the classes are small and intimate in order to provide you with hands-on guidance and personalized instruction. We provide  thoughtful modifications for individual needs to support you in cultivating core alignment and self awareness.

Private and semi-private sessions are also available.


5:00pm – Mat (Intro/Basic)  6:15pm – Mat (Intermediate)


7:00am – Mat (Intro/Basic)  7:00pm – Mat (Basic/Intermediate)


5:00pm – Reformer (Intro/Basic)  6:00pm – Reformer (Basic/Intermediate)


7:00am – Reformer (Basic)


8:00am – Reformer (Intro/Basic)  9:00am – Reformer (Basic/Intermediate)

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