Our Powerlifting Club

We are a facility that not only meets the needs of powerlifting and lifting heavy, but encourages it!!
  • Formed in 2017 to cater for the growing demands of powerlifting in Auckland & NZ
  • Highly experienced and qualified coaches available
  • Meeting the needs of the beginner through to advanced lifter
  • 2 x IPF spec power bars
  • 2 x Deadlift platforms
  • 4 x Squat/Power racks
  • 2 x Commercial Bench Press
  • 1000’s of Kilograms of weight and bumper plates
  • Full access to world class strength & conditioning equipment
  • Key card access to facility between 4:30am-11pm, 365 days

At strength HQ, we have a passion for strength training and strength sports. Therefore, we strive to provide a facility that supports the needs of various strength sports such as Olympic weightlifting, Powerlifting or strongman.

At strength HQ, you will find a facility that not only meets the needs of powerlifting and lifting heavy, but encourages it!!

We have two IPF spec power bars, eight other commercial barbells, safety squat bars, deadlift platforms, four power racks, two commercial bench presses, 1000’s of kilos of weights and bumper plates and chalk for anyone to use. Not to mention access to other various pieces of strength and conditioning equipment, including dumbbells up to fifty kilos.

Members have access to this equipment for almost 24 hours of the day and 365 days a year.

We also offer a powerlifting club for those who are interested in training with likeminded individuals or need a bit of guidance.

Strength HQ powerlifting club is dedicated to the development of strength, progress, and community. The club provides an environment for men and women of all ages, who are interested in lifting heavy weights, training for, or competing in the sport of powerlifting, to work beside and push one another toward each other’s goals.

Every member of the club is responsible for one another’s progress. Everyone is there to support one another, to ensure each other is lifting with correct technique and to really push one another outside of their comfort zone.

This team training increases accountability, provides greater external motivation, mental support, and encouragement and develops a social community of like-minded people, something that is scarcely achievable training alone.

If you are ready to take your strength training to a new level, increase your confidence and build you self-efficacy, get in contact with us now!

Group coaching and individual programming are available for those wanting to be a part of the club or to simply train on their own. Programming is done on an individual basis, considering your strengths, weaknesses, training history, goals, competitive demands, availability and more. No two people are the same and therefore no two programs should be the same either, therefore every program is developed and delivered to a high quality, evidence-based standard.


Monday- 5.30pm til late

Wednesday-5.30pm til late

Friday- 5.30pm til late

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