Our Pilates Starter Series

Do you have back pain? 

Perhaps your pelvic floor lets you down?

Your posture and core strength are so poor - it causes you to slump and feel bad? Strong on the outside – but weak inside?

Pilates is known for strengthening the core which will change your daily habits and routines for the better


You tell yourself you’ll get started tomorrow, but aren’t quite sure what to do?

Imagine how great it would be to move from feeling drained and defeated, in constant pain and looking in the mirror and feeling “less than”… to feeling revitalized, confident and looking in the mirror and feeling ready for all of life’s curveballs!

Whether you lift weights overhead, babies or groceries this programme is a way to train that will compliment your lifting, improve your posture, pelvic floor control and leave you feeling invigorated and returning for more.

What to expect from one of our classes?

Easy access - at your own pace

We use Heymarvelous ( Formerly Namastream ) to manage the Pilates Starter Series course. Heymarvelous is a reliable online hub that allows you to access the courses from where ever you are. Watch on your phone, desktop or tablet while it keeps track of your progress through the program. Press pause and play when you need to.


This is where you get started

All of our Pilates students begin with this program, some choose to stay with it and use it on repeat whilst others move onto one of our other more specific programs. Either way - Pilates starter series is your starting point. Whether you are a seasoned pro or a first time starter this is the right place for you.


Support from Tina when you need it

As a qualified Master Pilates trainer, Tina knows a lot about classical pilates. She also here for you on your fitness journey - you can email Tina at strong@strengthhq.co.nz  anytime.


Some of your frequently asked questions

No this series is a collection of lessons designed for the person new to Pilates or returning from injury to teach you the skills to allow you to work with optimal posture, strength and control creating strength from the inside out.

There are 7 lessons/sessions with the Series.  Each one builds on the previous one.  You must complete one to gain access to the next one in the series.  You can complete them as often as you like as you will have access for 3 months.

Current investment is only $79