Olympic Weightlifting Coaching Skills


Date:  1 October 2017
Venue:  Strength HQ, Ellerslie, Auckland
This workshop introduces you to the principles of instructing good Olympic lifting techniques. It will provide you with a structure to follow and process to adopt for teaching people who have never lifted before how to do the classical lifts of the Snatch and Clean and Jerk while perfecting your own technique.

The skills you will learn are also applicable to coaches and professionals in the fitness and sporting industries who wish to teach the classical lifts and assistance exercises to power-sport athletes and participants wishing to improve strength, balance, power and agility.

You will learn to:

  • Apply the principles of good lifting basics
  • Coach a proven methodology for teaching the snatch
  • Coach a proven methodology for teaching the clean
  • Coach a proven methodology for teaching the Jerk
  • Determine which lift to teach first
  • Deliver comprehensive coaching points to help develop lifting technique

Our strong coaching team led by Commonwealth Games Coach Tina Ball developed this course in association with lifters and coaches of international standing who boast many years of experience and coaching appointments at the major international events. They deliver the course with thought, enthusiasm, knowledge and practical tips to ensure your every success.