Strength HQ Weightlifting Club has dominated the New Zealand weightlifting landscape, producing numerous National and International Champions, New Zealand Records and earning medal recognition on the international stage including Gold medallist 2018 Commonwealth Games, David Liti 105+kg.

Founder and Head Coach Tina Ball holds recognition as one of the few Senior International Coaches in New Zealand and the only Female High Performance Olympic Weightlifting Coach.

Our weightlifting programs are designed for each level of Olympic weightlifting athlete, whether you are picking up the barbell for the first time, a weekend warrior or preparing for a National competition, we have a program and squad for you!

Not interested in competing – want a structured programme and technical support from a qualified expert with a proven track record – we can help!


Whatever your level, if you want to take your competitive aspirations further – then we can help!

Regardless of where you are based our programmes cater for Remote and Club based lifters.

Want to join our squad – find out more. 


If you like lifting, and want a programme combined with technical skills and coaching tips to take the guesswork out of training, know how and what you are going to do each session - this could be your solution.  That way you’ll be in the know and able to progress confidently

Our virtual squad is programmed through a flexible app-based accountability and training group for people like you.  You can choose from a variety of programmes to fit your current goals and aspirations – what’s more it is adaptable to fit into your lifestyle.


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“Tina’s coaching style is one that guides and nurtures your own self-drive to be the best version of yourself, without demanding it.  Her approach to her relationships with her athletes is always to have fun first, then to grow confidence and passion for this amazing sport.  I will always be grateful for Tina’s holistic approach, support where its needed, tough love where its needed and commitment to always putting her athletes happiness first.

As a remote athlete you can expect excellent communication and cues from Tina.  She is committed to consulting with you on how you are feeling, identifying any gaps, breaking it down and then working with you to fix them.  I find Tina’s description to remediate technical issues and her cures via correspondence very easy to get the knack of.  You will feel listened to, and will feel like part of the SHQ family from the start.  Going to competitions and camps with the SHQ group you will feel like part of an awesome fun high-energy team that will be cheering for you all the way.”

Olivia Hoogerbrug

Gisborne, New Zealand


Strength HQ Youth & Secondary School Olympic Weightlifting Developmental Squad

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